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Join our Teachers and your Classmates in an interactive 3-monthonline classroom that will put you on the path to fluency.
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Estimated Time
3 months
At 7-10 hours per week
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Feb 7th, 2022
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Beginner Chinese Course. Taught in English
What you will learn

Starter Chinese Nano Degree

Learn the basics of spoken and written Mandarin Chinese with a personal teacher. This is a 3-month Nano-Degree that will take you from absolute newbie to basic communication in written and oral Chinese. This course will put all the fundamentals in place: pronunciation, listening, pinyin, characters, slang and jokes. By the end you will be able to survive on your Chinese alone - and be well prepared for our intermediate courses.

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Learn from Chinese experts

An open digital classroom with your own dedicated teacher. Our certified Domino Teacher and all of us here at Domino will guide and challenge you. Always ready to answer questions, motivate you and keep you on track. Join your classmates and all of us here at Domino and become a part of the family.

Master Chinese

Domino Chinese works with Mastery to optimise your learning. Chinese is incredibly logical where everything builds on itself. The better your foundation is the easier every new concept will be to acquire. Our students average 96% on our course exams.

Complete Access

Digital Classroom with Video and Voice Communication. Complete Course Access: 5000+ hours of video. Integrated flashcards, quizzes, dialogs and learning resources. Complimentary app to study on the go - we've got you covered.

HSK and Diplomas

At the end of passing the Nano Degree - get our Domino Nano Diploma. Continue on to our intermediate courses and we will make sure you pass the HSK tests.

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What Our Students are Saying

Tetiana Dmytruk
The myth that Chinese is the most difficult language is ruined for me. It’s doable, and the surprising fact - I understand how it works after such short period of time. Not only ‘understand’: I can talk, write and translate things on the go. I’ll survive if I happen to be in China tomorrow because I can order food/ask directions/find a train/meet new people - all in Chinese. Other unique thing - Domino doesn’t overpromise. It’s not a ‘learn new language in 10 days’ type of thing and Domino folks are completely straightforward about that: if you want to learn well: use flashcards, use workbooks, review the lesson vocab, get a tutor after all. We all know that to do something well you need to put work into that. The beauty of Domino - all you need is available on this platform, now including tutors. No need to jump around and overpay for different tools/apps that have scattered approach. It was also super fun (taking my hat off to Felix’s sense of humor).
Connor Cassidy
This course provided a solid foundation for my Chinese studies. I would definitely recommend this course to my peers because I feel like it has accelerated my Chinese learning progress through constant feedback & practice. Can’t wait to continue growing my skills with more advanced courses. The way the content is presented allows you to build up internal Chinese knowledge data base in a very efficient manner. The vocabulary may seem advanced at time, but it serves its purpose to reinforce already learned characters, component, & sounds. These slices of Chinese presented across each chapter are easy enough to digest due this method of compounding meanings & sounds.
Jose Lo Huang
I love this course! It’s great to start with the Chinese language. Very funny and dynamic with different kind of activities. The way of how the Chinese is taught using the characters as building blocks, and also the funny videos helps a lot to not get bored. It makes the whole learning experience so entertaining and with the other students and all the interaction learning even gets a bit addictive!
Fredrik Colldahl Schersten
I would highly recommend taking this course! As an engineer by trade I know the importance of understanding the fundamentals before tackling the more complex challenges. This course really gives those fundamentals and building blocks and teaches “why” in a very simple, understandable step-by-step kind of way! I have tried countless apps but nothing really stuck, Domino Chinese has really helped me. It was also really nice getting to know my classmates who were going through the same experience. We kept each other going.
Keith Neruda
For people who really want to learn Chinese and are willing to put in the of time to review, this is the course. This includes people who have started to learn in the past and let it slip. Felix’s method of focusing on the foundational aspects of the character parts, grammar, and a bit of slang is what the vast majority of non-Chinese learners need to learn to become functional. It is amazing how well I can recognise characters. There is no question that the Domino approach to that is best in class globally.
Ben Fred
My wife speaks Chinese with her family and we have 5 month old son whom I would like to speak Chinese at home with. I would never have expected results so fast. With Domino I am already able to understand a lot of what my wife says to her family and I’m able to have simple but useful conversations with her. She has even shared what I wrote in my exams with her family and they were very impressed with my ability already. I think the reason it works is because it’s a complete Chinese learning system. Videos, flashcards, reading, writing and listening self-study and homework coupled with engaging live lessons, class participation and conversations with fellow classmates from all over the world. Coupled some exams to really focus the mind and revise what we have learned. Even though I started the course primarily wanting to speak Chinese I am particularly impressed with my reading and writing ability, I am able to read Chinese sentences without Pinyin and text my Chinese friends and have basic conversations! I really like Domino’s light-hearted approach and openness to making mistakes.
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Meet the Teachers

Felix Lattman

Felix is the founder of Domino Chinese. He tried to learn Chinese but gave up time and time again, only to create his own method that today has helped 100 000+ students learn Chinese. He’s in charge of a few exclusive classrooms but mainly oversees the different classrooms. If you’re a classroom student you’ll get a chance to learn with him occasionally.

Jianan Xu

Jianan has been teaching Chinese for more than 3 years and at the same time doing further postgraduate studies and research regarding language teaching and methodologies. She is passionate about sharing knowledge with people and always wears a smile on her face to support her students.

Yuyang Chen

Yuyang Chen is a Qualified Chief Examiner of HSK Centre in Canberra, Australia. He was trained in Headquarters of Confucius Institute in Beijing and sent to the Australian School of Contemporary Chinese teaching from Beginner to Advanced Class. He finished his Master’s in China and is doing a PhD program at the University of Canberra.

Emma Liu

Emma lives in Germany where she has majored in Chinese studies and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She joined Domino Chinese as she wants to help the world understand the beautiful logic of the Chinese language. Emma is also Domino’s Cultural Class teacher.

Qiyao Li

Qiyao Li, born and raised in Beijing, is a passionate and experienced Mandarin teacher with an MA in Second Language Education from McGill University, Canada. She is currently based in Montreal, where she teaches Chinese full-time. To Qiyao there’s nothing more enjoyable than starting the learning journey with Mandarin lovers from all over the world! You’ll like her energy and her creative ways of explaining things in class!

Elsa Wu

Elsa Wu, born and raised in Beijing, holds a Masters Degree from Beijing Normal University and a Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. With an in-depth understanding of the Chinese characters and culture, she is motivated to help the students not only master the language but also enjoy the profound culture behind it.

Classroom Timeline
Domino Classroom
Beginner Chinese
Characters | 348
Words | 1187
Get your fundamentals down, characters, pinyin pronunciation - and a massive amount of characters.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Conversational Chinese
Characters | 217
Words | 1462
By now you'll be able to conduct a spontaneous conversation entirely in Chinese about most topics. Equivalent of 10 months in University.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Intermediate Chinese (HSK 1, 2)
Characters | 234
Words | 1755
By now you'll be conversationally proficient. Most of the classes will be entirely in Chinese as well as your participation. Equivalent of 1 year in University. You'll know 100% of the vocabulary from HSK 1.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Fluent Chinese
Characters | 150
Words | 1522
We'll go over some of the most important grammatical points and prep you for classes entirely in Chinese. You got all the fundamentals now and the pace will pick up. After this course you can pass HSK 2.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Advanced Chinese (HSK 3)
Characters | 142
Words | 1876
The entire course will be conducted in Chinese. At this point you will only learn new vocabulary in order to expand your range, but you'll already have the stepping stones to make any sentence with it. After this course you can pass HSK 3.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Professional (HSK 4)
Characters | 132
Words | 1976
Not only will the course be conducted only in Chinese, but we'll speak like a native and you will be able to understand as well as communicate.
Price | $399
Length | 3 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours
Domino Classroom
Academic Chinese (6 months)
Characters | 411
Words | 2500
Instructed only in Chinese by two native Chinese teachers, Ann and Tudou. Once you finish this 6-month-course you’ll be able to pass the HSK 5 exam with ease.
Price | $399
Length | 6 Months
Weekly Study | 10 Hours

HSK Guarantee

HSK is the Official Chinese Proficiency Test and and an impressive addition to any CV. Domino Classroom is the only course that guarantees you reach your desired HSK level within a set timeframe and cost, given that you attend the lessons and do the homework. With almost 10 years in the business and over 100,000 students we know what it takes – that's why we have structured our 3-month classes in a way that allows us to give you a clear path towards the official Chinese Language tests.

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Beginner Chinese Nano Degree Course

This 3-month Beginner Chinese Nano Degree Course is equivalent to approximately 6 months at university. Interactive classroom, and full Domino access included!

Course Length

The total course length is 3 months. Teacher led sessions are 3 hours per week and expected self study is 5-7 hours per week. Read more about the schedule .


  • Your own Online Classroom with your Domino Certified Teacher and a class of up to 25 students.
  • Access to all of our content - flashcards, website, app, videos, quizzes stories plus tons of custom made content for the course guaranteed to shoot your Chinese into the stratosphere.
  • Earn our Domino Nano Degree diploma and be eligible to continue onto our more advanced courses.
  • Teacher led class with all classmates every Friday - and practice rooms with teachers and students throughout the week (total 3 hours/week).
  • Upon completion of this course you will have studied 348 characters and learned 1187 words!

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$399 USD

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Monthly Payment

$447 USD

$149 Paid Monthly

Pay monthly and cancel anytime.

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